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  • The infinity-theory is a work that I brought to life based on discoveries that I made from 2009 till present day. I attempted to write down these discoveries into text, along with illustrations and animations, in a way that it is understandable to people from different backgrounds. I worked on the infinity-theory on my own before it was published on the internet in mid 2015. It is meant to grow as a collaborative work over the coming years.
  • This website contains images and video from different sources on the internet, and some from literature. Where possible I credited images and videos to the appropriate authors. Most of the drawings and GIF animations and all of the Adobe Flash animations were made by myself in my spare time.
  • Special thanks goes to my friend and teacher Harold Kulungian, who taught me the yin yang theory, causes and effects that originate from nutrition, and the importance of living more closer to a natural lifestyle. For an article written by Harold about the effects of wearing nonabsorbent synthetic clothing, click here.
  • Also thanks go out for my parents for believing in my pursuit into science, and supporting me during the production of this website.
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