A Few Notes

  • Keep in mind that my English is not perfect. You might encounter some incorrect sentences and bad grammar here and there. This is because English is not my native language. Language mistakes are one of the things you yourself can help to correct on this website by adding comments.

  • The naming conventions used for this work are not all permanent, some will be changed later. Because I'm not a scientist it is not always easy for me to come up with the correct name for a particular phenomenon. Some of the names I've used might conflict with other names that are already used in other fields of science, or I might have come up with a name for a specific thing for which somewhere a name already exists. Particularly the people who work in the field of fluid mechanics will probably need to help me out by adjusting some of the names that I've been using.

  • All of the material on this website that is created by me (Peter.A.Venis) is licensed under the Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license, unless otherwise mentioned. File names of images and animations contain a tag indicating the appropriate license, whenever possible. If you hover your mouse pointer over an image or an animation, then sometimes a tooltip hovering text will appear with extra information about the source or license. As an example, you can hover your mouse pointer over the Creative Commons logo below.


  • Not all of the images on this website are images of which I own the rights. The majority of the photographs on this website were found on the internet, and when selecting images I've tried to select those that have a license that permits them to be placed on this site. But not all of the images clearly have a license that allows this. Of some images the source or the license is not known to me. If you own the rights to one of the images on this website and you wish the image to be removed or something to be changed about the way that it is portrayed, then you can e-mail me and I will change this accordingly. Many images have the name of the author and the name of the license in their filename. You can right click on an image and choose 'save image as' to view the filename. Whenever no author or license is mentioned for a particular image, animation or video, it is because that information is not known to me.

  • Whenever you find text on this website that is written in italic lettering, its cursive typography is meant to emphasize that the text is a quotation from someone other than me. This only applies to the science pages, and articles and concept pages of which I'm the author, not articles or concept pages written by a different author. The reason for this italic / non-italic lettering convention can be to avoid making people think that I was the first person to come up with a certain quote or statement, while I am not. Or it can be to make clear that I copied a piece of text from another source to save time.

Quotation from someone other than me


  • Whenever content is placed on this website that comes from an author other than me, whether its a drawing, a photo, video, animation or anything else, then this does not not imply that the author agrees with the content of this website. I do not claim that the author shares the same views as myself or that he/she agrees with anything expressed within the infinity theory. Some people might agree with the content and some might not. But the presence of an authors work on this website does not say yes or no to whether he or she agrees with the contents of this website. There is however the possibility for an authors views to be expressed on this website. Every author can contact me to ask for an adjustment of how his/her work is portrayed on this site, or can ask for a placing of additional comments, credits or a disclaimer next to his/her work.

  • I sometimes prefer to describe one or more phenomena in a definition. A definition has a syntax that looks something like this:


    You should keep in mind that these definitions are not solid definitions that describe the phenomenon in the most universal way possible. These definitions are used rather loosely, and more or less describe the phenomenon in a way that it fits with the contents of the infinity-theory. Its a quick explanation in a simple, understandable way, but not perfect definitions that describe the phenomenon the best within all possible scenarios.

  • Up until November 2018 I had placed many hyperlinks in the text that directly link to pages on Wikipedia, as a source of extra information. I've removed most of them. I no longer think it was a good idea to create so many hyperlinks to Wikipedia while everyone today knows where to find the information using search engines.

  • Some images have been replaced by a puzzle piece image. This image indicates that a particular phenomenon has been predicted, but that phenomenon has not yet been observed. So this image indicates that a puzzle piece is still missing. One way you yourself can contribute to this website is by finding the correct puzzle piece, and then sharing that information on this website.


  • One word that is often used on the coming pages is the word 'dimensionality'. It is a word that already existed before this theory came to life, but it is used within the context of this theory more or less as a new word. So keep in mind that the word 'dimensionality' within the context of the infinity-theory, has not the exact same meaning as it formerly had.

  • Another word that is often used on the coming pages is the word 'vortex'. Many sources describe a vortex as a movement in a fluid that has a rotational flow. Yet many of the vortices that I describe on this website do not show a visible rotational flow. I took the liberty of using the word vortex for describing a phenomenon that had not been understood before, one that links together rotational and non-rotational movements. Even a movement in a straight line can in some cases be categorized as a vortex, if it is known that that movement is created by certain identical conditions. This new understanding of the word vortex will be revealed and explained on the pages ahead. So keep in mind that the word 'vortex', within the context of the infinity-theory, has not the exact same meaning as other sources describe.

  • All that is found on this website is a work in progress. This means that every single sentence that you read on this website could be changed that same day. Some of these changes might be the result of my own work of thought, others might be the result of comments placed by others. The two most common reasons for change are broadening of theory and corrections.

  • This site uses adobe flash for some of its content. All content of this site is also viewable without flash so that it can also be viewed on mobile devices and tablets, but some of the animations and interactive content looks better when flash is enabled in your browser. If your browser supports flash but your flash plugin is currently not enabled, please consider enabling flash. It will improve the viewing experience of this website.

  • Feel free to add comments on any of the pages that you are about to read. Adding comments helps to improve this website because all of the feedback will be read and used whenever possible to correct mistakes within text or media or to add new information or pass on new ideas. Remember that I'm not the only one who's going to continue to work on this theory, this is a collective work, you are all involved.