This list is where I write about theories that are still at an early stage of evolution. Some of these pages only sum up a few significant questions or only mention an idea. Some of the content of these pages might continue to live on only as an idea or suggestion, while other content might some day be moved to the main pages. This list can also feature pages written by other authors, who can be anyone who would like to share ideas. The list is only slightly moderated by avoiding that which could be considered offensive, off-topic or spam. Nothing will be modified or published without the authors permission. A page that you submit must be written in English. You can submit a page by sending it by e-mail to Or you can also first send only a description of its contents.

Title Author Category Date
Possible Vortex Types Peter Venis Science Feb 11 2015
Pulsars Peter Venis Science Jun 06 2015
Standing Wave Patterns Peter Venis Science May 31 2015
Building a Better Rocket Peter Venis Science Oct 02 2016
Craters Created by Orbs Peter Venis Science Nov 18 2018