Final Words

I hope that after you've read everything that's on this website you understand some of the basics of contraction and expansion. It is not that difficult, but it takes some time before someone is used to it. It took for me a long time to learn the yin yang theory, but that is because I had much less information to work with. I also found much of what I read to be not all intuitive at a first read. Some things I found to be unexplained. This website should help you learn about contraction and expansion a lot quicker than I was able to and the information that is presented is a lot more complete because everything here is explained. This website should help you understand why yin and yang, thus high and low dimensionality, is a powerful tool for understanding how the universe around us works, in a way that is understandable to us human beings. There is some knowledge originating from the yin yang theory that I myself can not explain on this day, some of it of which I might be a skeptic myself. Only when I am able to explain something, than that information is added to this website.

Harold Kulungian

One person I would like to mention in particular is Harold Kulugian. The infinity-theory is a work of thought that was brought to life by the yin-yang theory. Its foundation is based upon this eastern philosophy. The person I learned most of what I today know about yin and yang is Harold Kulungian. Without him, I would not have been able to find all these discoveries that link so many different things together. Without him this website and the contents it provides would not exist today.

I met Harold briefly on the internet in 2001, but it was not until 2007 that I started to exchange e-mails with him on a regular basis. He grew out to be my friend and mentor who taught me all about the yin yang theory. He did so by showing me how he applied the theory of yin and yang as a tool to solve problems, to find correct solutions. His approach to problems was often so effective because of the simplicity of his approach, and because he knew right away what was essential in tackling the problem, avoiding that what was non essential and redundant. It was as a result of his teachings that I was able to make significant discoveries that became the first building stones for the theories that are presented on this website today.

Harold Kulungian is a teacher and researcher of holistic medicine’s traditions of natural healing, both Eastern Macrobiotics and Western Hippocratic medicine. Besides that I know him as a philosopher, a friend, and a thinker. He's also a hiker and a friend to mother nature. He might be the most brilliant man I met in my life.

I credit him for all the good that he taught me, value him for his friendship, and I admire him for his own discoveries about health, nutrition and the importance of clothing made of natural fibers.

The Work Ahead

This might sound improbable what I'm about to say, but I am convinced that every existing physical phenomenon can be explained with the infinity theory. One reason why I believe this is so is because everything can be explained with yin and yang. And yin and yang is high dimensional and low dimensional. The very basis of the infinity theory is the yin yang theory. Second reason is that up to this day, I have not encountered any phenomenon that proved to be unexplainable in terms of 'dimensionality'. I might have only scratched the mere beginnings of all the scientific findings that should be made, and I did encounter quite a lot of interesting topics which I myself can not explain today, but while working on the infinity theory, by knowing what I've encountered, and knowing what kind of links I was able to make between various physical phenomena and dimensionality, I did get a strong impression that all can be explained by understanding the basics of the infinity theory. All can be explained with vortex movement, states of equilibrium, and the cycles of the transformation sequence.

The theory as it is presented on this website is not a work that should or can be considered finished. The infinity theory is a work in progress, and a work that will require collaboration to grow in a way that is most beneficial to its development. The good thing in this is that the infinity theory, its content, is for most part not difficult to understand. Both people with an academic background and people who do not have an academic background can effectively participate in several possible ways. Different people, who are interested in science for different reasons, and who might come from a very different background, can participate in the thinking process to find the next puzzle pieces that connect to the existing theory. Obviously, a lot needs to be done. The list of topics that still need to be addressed is very large, one could say endless.

Gravity and magnetism are among two topic of which we've only scratched the surface. Only a few things have been said about those topics. We need to find out more about the relation of gravity and magnetism with vortex movement, only then we can use the infinity theory to explain what exactly gravity is, and what exactly magnetism is. I am convinced that both are created by vortex movement. Other topics like nuclear fallout and nuclear fusion and nuclear fission, the explanation as to how electrochemical cells work, classification of atomic orbitals to vortex movement, classification of flora and fauna to vortex movement, states of equilibrium of synthetic materials, quantum entanglement, are among topics that need to be explored as well. Some very important topics have only been addressed briefly. Many physical changes that occur within our environment are a direct result of movement that can be explained by understanding the cycles of the transformation sequence. The challenge is to find how those phenomena link to those different cycles, at what position, at what half-cycle a phenomenon occurs, and how this change relates with vortex movement. That way we can understand the movement, and how it can be explained in an understandable way by speaking about dimensionality.

This website will be updated constantly. Text will be edited constantly. New pages will be added over time and anything that is proved to be incorrect will be adjusted. Anything on this website might be subject to change, but only change for the purpose of improvement.

All content on this site that is authored by Peter.A.Venis is licensed under the Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license, unless otherwise mentioned. Most pages on this website also include material from other authors, under different licenses. Both the author's names and the licenses are mentioned in the file names whenever this information is known and can be provided. The presence of work from other authors on this website does not necessarily imply that those authors endorse the contents of this website.
A word that is often used on this website is the word 'vortex'. Many sources describe a vortex as a movement in a fluid that has a rotational flow. Yet many of the vortices that I describe on this website do not show a visible rotational flow. I took the liberty of using the word vortex for describing a phenomenon that had not been understood before, one that links together rotational and non-rotational movements. Even a movement in a straight line can in some cases be categorized as a vortex, if it is known that that movement is created by certain identical conditions. So keep in mind that the word 'vortex', within the context of the infinity-theory, has not the exact same meaning as other sources describe.