The onefield

Aug 11 2016 23:34:20

I was thinking for some time about changing the name for the universal wave-field. Aether is a word that also refers to some other theories, which can be both classical or modern theories, that do not show that many similarities with the infinity theory. There are still many sources that use the same general meaning for the word aether as found in the infinity theory, but the word is for some reasons problematic. I've decided to rename the wave-field to 'the onefield' and therefore I've now removed all instances of the word aether from all the pages and replaced them with the new name.

Connections with one or more steps missing

Aug 08 2016 15:14:16

When two vortices of a different type connect to one another, then usually these are two vortices that connect because they're two subsequent vortices within the sequence, that share the same characteristics at the end of one vortex and the start of the other vortex. But in some more rare cases a connection occurs where one vortex in the sequence is skipped, but the other two vortices still connect while not being subsequent vortices in the list of vortices. I've added two examples of this on the page titled 'More About Vortices'. You can click on the image below and it will take you to that page.

The accelerating expansion of the universe

Jul 28 2016 21:37:38

I had already briefly mentioned the increase in the speed of expansion of the universe as observed by astronomers, but I had not given an explanation for these observations yet. I have just written down the explanation, and I've made a short animation to illustrate this in a simple way. If you click on the image below then the correct page will open for you.


Change of name for the boundary

Jul 07 2016 10:11:59

Up until recently, the region between the positive and negative dimensions, which is the centerline in the sine curve of the transformation cycles, was called the 'boundary'. I've decided to remove that name from the pages because there is already something called a 'boundary layer', which is a term used in physics and fluid mechanics. There is no exact relation between the word boundary used in the infinity theory and the words boundary layer used in fluid mechanics, and this might have been a cause of confusion.

Therefore I've updated the pages so that from now on only the name of that which is located on the centerline is used, which is the electromagnetic spectrum. A boundary position, thus a location where the sine curve crosses the centerline is from now on called an 'EM crossing location'.

A correction about the light phenomenon of Oct 2nd 2015

Jun 09 2016 11:30:00

I've made a possible mistake in my comments about the light phenomenon that occurred at the Atlas V rocket launch on October 2015. I said that the phenomenon was not caused by the exhaust of the rocket, but as you can see in the photo above, the plume from the exhaust of an Atlas V rocket does widen a lot when nearing high altitudes. The photo is one from a different launch, yet from the same type of rocket. Its shape is almost similar to the shape of the bright giant plume witnessed in October 2015. This makes it more likely that the unexpected light phenomenon was caused by the exhaust of the rocket. Yet it does not explain how the plume grew so large and how it turned into a bright blue color.

The Expansion of the Universe

Mar 04 2016 10:57:23

I've made a new animation that explains why the universe appears to be expanding. You can find the animation on the page about time (click on the image, and it will take you there). What is demonstrated visually in this animation is what was already described by text on that same page. Scale and speed of objects are not realistic in this animation, but that is only for the reason that the animation becomes more understandable.

Site now viewable without flash

Feb 02 2016 12:32:35

I've made some changes to the website that allows all devices to view the contents of the site including when adobe flash is not installed on the system. Many mobile phones and tablets do not support flash, including some PC's. Previously when browsing the website on those devices a gray rectangle was shown in the location where the flash animation should be shown, along with a notification that the flash plugin is not supported.

But now when the flash plugin is not installed the flash animations are automatically replaced by other more system-friendly content that can be viewed by nearly any operating system, even the word flash will no longer be mentioned. My intention is to build a website that does not cause any technical concerns to anyone.

Quantum field theory

Dec 31 2015 10:16:05

I've just recently finished reading Fields of Color, a book by Rodney A Brooks. The book is about quantum field theory and it is worth the read. Quantum field theory is a theory of physics, that combines the elements of quantum mechanics with those of relativity, to describe the building blocks of matter as a variety of fields. Elementary particles are manifestations of localized energy states onto those fields.

According to this book, in quantum field theory there are six different fields. In the infinity theory, there is only one field. Yet the orientation of that field is different for different phenomena, because of the difference in direction of how the field is projected. Because of that the field appears to behave in different ways when we attempt to understand the field and its behaviour within our three dimensional perception of this universe.

In quantum field theory that field is called the quantum field. In the infinity theory it is called the aether. Yet both theories describe the same field, the same medium. I could have chosen a more modern name like quantum field instead of the old aether, but the name 'quantum field' suggests that the manifestations of that field are quantized, yet I'm quite certain that the aether is continuous and that the forces that act on the aether are not quantized. What I suspect is that some of the values of these forces only appear to be quantized after the projection of the field onto our physical realm. Still, I have been thinking about renaming the field because the aether associates with both old classical aether theory and many modern theories, some of which might or might not agree sufficiently with the (3D projected) interpretation of the field in the infinity theory. If the infinity theory will some day be merged with another theory, then name changes should not need to be much of a problem.

Another unexpected light phenomenon in the sky

Nov 02 2015 11:19:26

The event in this video happened recently on October 2nd 2015. It is the launch of an Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station just before sunrise on a Friday morning. The bright giant plume you see trailing behind the rocket is not the exhaust of the rocket itself, yet the formation of the plume is initiated by the precense of the rocket. There is some kind of low temperature atmospheric condition that makes this effect possible.

This type of light phenomenon shows a great resemblance with a corona discharge from a Wartenberg pinwheel, which was mentioned in the concept pages about the Possible Vortex Types. More of these similar phenomena were seen earlier in the skies of Kazakhstan and Severodvinsk. Click on the image above to watch the video, or you can browse through the concept pages (click on 'science', then click on 'concepts') to find the page.

It it very likely that this phenomenon is yet again another vortex type. Yet its location within the transformation sequence has not been determined yet.

Forum restart

Oct 27 2015 18:14:20

There appears to have been some problems with the sign-up security settings of the website. In a couple of weeks time, more than 60 new members have signed up, but nearly all of them appear to be spambots. I've already had to block half of them because of postings of advertisement (which have been deleted). I have changed the settings for the forum and no more bots appear to get in, but I do have decided to delete all 60+ new members from the forum to start over with the new settings enabled. I will remove all members over exactly one week from now, on 3-11-2015.

If you are a member of the forum and you do not wish to be deleted then send me an e-mail at to let me know of this, but do so before 3-11-2015. If you do get deleted you can always re-subscribe to the forums with a new account. I am sorry for this inconvenience. 

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