Technical Difficulties.

Sep 06 2015 23:38:56

There were some problems on the site with the order of the text on the pages. I only noticed the problem today but I think the problem must have started some days earlier. If you visited the site these past few days then the reading must have been confusing. The problem has been fixed now, sorry for the inconvenience.

Name Change

Aug 26 2015 16:03:08

I've changed the name that I use to refer to the phenomenon that deforms a vortex ring shortly before breaking down, and which also deforms other vortex types in a similar manner. Reason for this is that I was unaware that there already is a phenomenon called a crown formation, which is a particular way in which a liquid can splash upwards. So therefore it was better to change the name crown deformation into 'sinusoid deformation' and for that I've updated the page about the boundary dimensions.

Image by Omegatron, Wikimedia,
under CC BY-SA 3.0 license
  Image by CSE Lab, ETH, CSCS, and IBM

The deformation of a vortex ring into a sinusoid wave shaped ring is not something new, it is not a new discovery, it has been observed and studied for many years. But it is how this phenomenon links with other shape deformations, in other vortices of different type, whose similarity only now has been found and which was not known prior to this. For that reason I had to come up with a new name for it. As for now this name is a temporary name, which might be changed later when more people try to decide how this particular phenomenon should be named.

New Page

Aug 24 2015 00:04:00

I had some feedback from people who told me they found some parts of the theory too difficult to understand. I believe that the first page might have been a wrong introduction to the theory because it started off with what is likely the most difficult subject all pages (projection). So I just made a new page, which is now set as a replacement of the first page (The Great Puzzle), which gives a better introduction to the theory, making it easier to understand and offering a better impression of what the infinity theory is about.

Site launched!

Jun 07 2015 21:51:38

After a long time of preparation, has officially launched. I wish all of you welcome on this brand new site. This website will bring forth new ideas and new ways of looking at things that will blend in with different perspectives and merge knowledge of the past with the knowledge of today. This website sheds a new light on vortices, and a few things more. Be sure to check this site more than once these coming months, because changes and updates to the site are made continuously. This is a work in progress.

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